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Tips to prepare your home to sell faster

It’s often hard to think of your home from a buyer’s point of view.
What can make your home more inviting to buyers? Should you paint or replace carpeting?
What should you do about the antique light fixture in the dining room?
Here are just a few of the many tips we have to make preparing your home for sale a little easier:

First Impetration

The first few seconds of a showing can literally make or break a sale. Make sure that the first things to come into view are neat and attractive.

The Entry

The front entry area and door should be warm and inviting. The area should be swept clean and the door in good repair (painted, if necessary).A seasonally decorative touch can set the proper inviting tone.

The Windows

Windows should be sparkling clean in order to maximize the light entering the home and to provide an inviting scene from the exterior. Keep curtains and drapes.

The View

Open whenever possible to achieve a bright, open effect.

The Surroundings

Paint up, touch up faded or worn paint or papers on the walls and ceilings. This will eliminate the otherwise drab effect through the interior which could leave an impression in the buyer’s mind that is hard to erase.

The Furnishings

A cluttered look makes every room seem smaller than it really is. Remove extra furnishings wherever possible to give your home a clean, simple appearance. Remember, the buyer is trying to visualize how their furniture will fit in the home. Make it as easy as possible.


One of the first things a typical buyer looks for is adequate closet and storage space. Maximize the size of your closets by removing excess items and neatly arranging those items that remains.

Bathrooms and Kitchen

These areas should be clean and spotless. No matter how relaxed the buyers may be in their present home, they will invariably downgrade the desirability of a home if the kitchen and baths are less than spotless. Make sure everything shines!

Fix the Little Things

Loose door knobs, doors that don’t close all the way, screens off the track, and cracked window panes are all a part of everyday life excepted.When you’re selling your house, little things undone can suggest neglect to a fussy buyer.

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